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Fable III Collector's Edition £42.24 @ Tesco Entertainment [Xbox 360 Gameses]

Matt Gardner
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Fable III | Xbox 360

Fable III Collector's Edition £42.24 @ Tesco Entertainment [Xbox 360 Gameses]

Molyneux's magnum opus  promises to stick you (eventually) in the shoes of the ruling classes and let you hold power and dominion over your fellow pixellated men to protect or oppress as you see fit. Provided they don't steal the old cast of Wurzel Gummidge to provide voiceovers again, I'm actually quite excited for this one.

As well as the bog standard game, Lionhead fans will also have the opportunity to get their hands on a special Collector's Edition as is the way with every single game that gets released these days. This pricey version will net you a few extras for your cash, including additional DLC, a exclusive outfit for your character, an exclusive dog breed for your companion, a set of Fable III playing cards, a Guild Seal Coin to supposedly help you decide whether to be good or evil, a new exclusive in-game locale and some rather flash packaging.

If that all sounds quite cool, you'll be pleased to know that Tesco have priced the lot at £49.70, which is the cheapest price at the time of writing by around £3. However, if by some miracle you've managed to not use the FTSL15-1 code, you can get it knocked down to £42.24. You'll have to be quick though as the code expires in a day or two.

NB. Remember to use the FTSL15-1 code to get it at this price

We're going to seriously miss that code when it's gone.

Thanks to versy at HUKD

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FFS  Jul. 29, 2010 at 12:48

Oooh the Tesco code is expiring? I think now is the perfect time to finally use it!

Harry  Jul. 29, 2010 at 12:50

Should probably point out that, even though the price is great, TE's service is below par, and buyer should take into consideration the possability of the game not arriving by launch day. Last time used them for a pre-order, I preordered months in advance only for them to send the game four days after launch, AFTER i'd cancelled it and brought it elsewhere, so lost out on return postage and cost of 08 call I had to make to cancel.

FFS  Jul. 29, 2010 at 12:53

Oh, they want the money now for something I wont get for three months? No chance.


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