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Fable III

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Fable III

Fable III Review | Third Time's The Charm?

Carl Phillips
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Fable III | Xbox 360

Fable III Review | Third Time's The Charm?

Platforms: Xbox 360

Developer: Lionhead

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

The time to return to the world of Albion has arrived once again with Lionhead’s latest effort. Picking up fifty years after the end of the previous instalment, Fable III puts you in control of the child of the previous Hero of Albion from Fable II, in a time where the Industrial Age has arrived filling the busy capital with the fog of industry. Sadly though, that fog is a fitting representation of the morale of the populous; things are not well for the Kingdom with poverty rife and oppression in full flow thanks to the tyrant King, your brother, making unpopular and controversial decisions. Of course, he goes too far and ends up pushing you towards your destiny of becoming a hero, leading a revolution and taking control yourself.

Yep, just another day in Albion then.

The important thing to note here is that Fable III feels more like a Fantasy Action Adventure game and less of an RPG, and I for one think it’s about bloody time it took that approach. The issue I had with the previous instalments was its insistence that it was a fully-fledged RPG and ended up feeling shallow in comparison to other games in the genre. That doesn’t mean that the heavy customization isn’t here in the latest outing (you’ll still be able to dress up your character in a ridiculous manner, don’t fret) but the step away from the label of RPG allowed more room for manoeuvre for the series. Even Peter Molyneux has been reserved (and some might say even humble) in comparison to previous releases in regards of crowing his ambitions for the game.

But here comes the big-money question; does Fable III take advantage of the opportunity?

Fable III Review | Third Time's The Charm?

Is Fable III a revolution worth fighting for? Hit the jump to find out...