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New Fable, Kinect Sports & Dance Central Titles Outed

Felix Kemp
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New Fable, Kinect Sports & Dance Central Titles Outed

Between the cracking trailers and slew of screenshots, we've got a good old fashioned leak for you to chew on before next week's unveiling. Outed by the ever-reliable Superannuation - whose ongoing operation continues to surprise me - unearthing details of domain registrations filed by Microsoft for four specific titles; Fable The Journey; Kinect Sports Season 2; Dance Central 2; and oft-rumored Kinect Fun Labs.

First off, Fable The Journey. Considering the rest of the titles appear to be unequivocal Kinect titles, it wouldn't be a leap to imagine the fourth - possibly non-canonical - Fable title has been similarly Kinectified. Lionhead toyed with Kinect in Fable 3, so I doubt they'd simply throw away the hard work spent trying to implement it in the final game. And what with Mass Effect 3 seemingly featuring Kinect support, boasting the 'Better With Kinect' slogan, adding their premiere in-house RPG to their list of Kinect core titles would appear to be a smart move on Microsoft's part.

Kinect Sports and Dance Central 2 are less surprising. Simply because we knew it would happen. Both sold well over a million, becoming the best-selling titles for the best-selling peripheral. Microsoft would be stupid not to follow-up their success, but hopefully they're looking to address the flaws of the originals in their attempts to capitalize on such lucrative returns.

Kinect Fun Labs has been spinning round the rumor-mil for a while now, seemingly a mini-game collection of assorted Kinect activities. Kinect has very few definitively poor titles - but of the few, they're really, really bad - so hopefully Kinect Fun Labs, despite the worrying title, is at least fun and imaginative. [Joystiq]

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