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Fallen Frontier Unveiled, Courtesy Of Ex-Bungie Developers

Felix Kemp
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Fallen Frontier Unveiled, Courtesy Of Ex-Bungie Developers

Moonshot Games, founded by former Bungie and Halo developers Damian Isla, Michael Bastien and Rob Stokes, has unveiled their first new game, a 2-D side-scrolling shooter dubbed Fallen Frontier. And so far, we see no faceless space-marines, no alien conglomerates and no Aliens rip-offs! It does, however, have a distinct Halo-ish vibe, with a little Mass Effect thrown in for good measure. No release dates or even platforms have been announced as of yet, but Moonshot has been kind enough to reveal a trailer.

From the trailer, we can glean that Fallen Frontier is set on a - so far - industrial looking planet located in the Alpha Centauri star system. A tension-building unspoken narrator tells us it takes 25 years to voyage from Earth to Alpha Centauri. Some come to start a new life. Others for revenge. Your character seems to be in the latter, as the game proceeds to show a burly gentleman in a fetching trench-coat rattling off clips at identikit soldiers and hovering bots.

Moonshot describe Fallen Frontier as "an original hard sci-fi universe" with "fast-paced tactical combat" set in "vast interconnected worlds". We see our hero - or anti-hero, that's pretty popular with the kids these days - firing an automatic rifle, jumping with surprising grace for his heavy frame, and zipping around on a Bionic Commando-esque grappling hook. To be honest, we don't see much else, which either suggests Moonshot is keeping its cards closely clutched to its chest, or they're not very far along in development. I'm inclined to believe the latter, as Fallen Frontier is looking a little dated right now. [Moonshot Games]

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