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Fallout 3 | £10 | HMV | PS3

Tom Silkstone
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Fallout 3 | £10 | HMV | PS3

Now this might not be the game of the year edition, so you won't get any of the game's add-on packs, but £10 isn't much to ask in exchange for the almost endless number of gameplay hours you can plug into Fallout 3, plus you'll save yourself almost £3 on the next best offer coming in from Simply Games. When you're not strolling around trying to unravel the main story thread, you'll probably be venturing off the beaten paths of the Wastelands and meeting a whole host of interesting characters.

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Rick Gerryves  Jun. 12, 2011 at 22:24

Its £12 pre owned for the game of the year edition, £15 new, and you are calling this a deal? Why would anyone buy this when for a couple of quid more they can have 5 extra expansion packs with all the extra trophies included as well?

Seriously, how much did HMV pay you to post this?

John  Jun. 12, 2011 at 22:30

I know this is for a new copy of the game. But I have seen this for less than £5 in GameStation.

Its £2.99 in Argos. £6 from CEX. CEX also sell the GOTY edition for £12 pre owned and Zavvi sell the GOTY edition for £14.85 new.


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