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Fallout 3 £11.89 @ Send it [PS3 Games]

Lydia Low
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Fallout 3 £11.89 @ Send it [PS3 Games]

Another day, another drop in price for the PS3 version of Fallout 3. I recently reported that you could get this title for just £12.95 from Zavvi but now you can shave another pound off that if you purchase it from Sendit!

I'd like to say that you're unlikely to see the game for less than this price anywhere (especially considering Zavvi's price was part of their Mega Monday promotion) but with the Fallout deals coming in so thick and fast lately, who knows!

If you've not already seen Marius and I enthuse about this game here at dealspwn, then I can tell you that Fallout 3is well worth investing in for its huge world, interesting mix of shooter, rpg and survival horror genrres, flexible character customatisation and levelling system, varied and elaborate quests with different routes to completion, brilliant combat using the VATS system, beautiful design and fantastically realised atmosphere.

Every action that you perform has consequences and affects your karma which in turn has far reaching consequences of its own, ultimately affecting how your game will end.

For this sort of game I tend to prefer to play in third person mode (switching to first person to look at stuff) which is unfortunate because Fallout does tend to work a lot better in first person and you don't have to watch your character's strange clunky gait as you totter around the desolate landscape.

There are some definite problems with the game such as the myriad technical issues, the way the voice acting sometimes falls flat, the story could use a little “va va voom” and the camera is not exactly the most refined. However it seems churlish to grumble about complaints like this which, when held up to the sheer size and depth of this game, seem more niggles than major issues.

Thanks to basquille from Hotukdeals!

Fallout 3 £11.89 @ Send it [PS3 Games]

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basquille  Sep. 16, 2009 at 19:57

Cheers for the mention.. great deal alright!

Was even better value for the 90 minutes or so it was priced at £9.89!

Lydia Low  Sep. 16, 2009 at 22:14

Ha! I thought i was going crazy because i was sure it said £9.89 then when i went back to check it was £11.89!

Good find :O)


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