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Fallout 3 £15.83 @ 101cd [XBOX 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
Fallout, Role playing game, Xbox 360 games
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Fallout 3 £15.83 @ 101cd [XBOX 360 Games]Anyone looking to pick up Fallout 3 might be interested to know that copies are currently going on 101cd for £15.83 (you can buy now but stock is arriving in 2 - 3 days). Although Fallout 3 is by no means a new game, its price has taken a long time to fall below £20. After the £15.80 price bracket, it goes up to £17.99 on Shopto (currently out of stock) and after that you’re looking at around £22.99 minimum for a brand new copy.

However, if you just can’t decide whether or not to fork out the money for Fallout 3, if you’re wracked by indecision because of all the conflicting opinions you hear about the game, for the love of god, just buy the damn thing. It could be one of the wisest investments you’ll ever make. Because the truth is, even though people always find something to criticize, Fallout 3 is - compared to some of the other rubbish currently on the market for way more than £15 – an absolute masterpiece.

Sure, it may have a few AI issues, everyone moans about the ending, and the mutants might sometimes look like their ice skating rather than running, but how anyone could not like this game is beyond my comprehension. That is of course unless you’re the sort of gamer who enjoys really linear, boring first person shooters. In that case stay away from Fallout 3, because the slightly awkward real time gun battles and sheer scale and complexity of the open world format could well give you a nervous breakdown.

But for anyone who likes to get stuck into a really decent role play game, where the world is open to explore and all your decisions have multiple outcomes, this won’t disappoint. However, personally I found I had to restart the game when playing first time round. When getting to grips with the VATS (Vault - tec Assisted Targeting System) – one of the game's best features in my opinion – I used the Overseer for target practice and quickly learned that every action has a consequence.

But all in all, probably the biggest problem with Fallout 3 is it’s so damn addictive. Upon purchasing the game get ready to start neglecting your education, career, loved ones and personal hygiene. It really will suck your life away - but just make sure you remember to eat.

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Iain  Aug. 9, 2009 at 09:21

I completed Fallout 3 and thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Rather than diving in and buying all the DLC, I sold it on eBay and preordered the GOTY edition (including all 5 DLC) from Game for £30. By the October release date I'll be ready to play it again.

Chris  Aug. 10, 2009 at 09:23

Iain is 100% right, if your interested in the 5 DLC packs retailing at 800MSP each, then pre order the £30 copy off game.co.uk , it'll save a LOT of money.


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