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Fallout 3 Add-On Pack: Operation Anchorage & The Pitt £4.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
Fallout, Role playing game, Xbox 360

Fallout 3 Add-On Pack: Operation Anchorage & The Pitt £4.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 Games]

Straight off the bat, this is only really a deal for those of you who already own Fallout 3 and want to spend a bit more time seeing what Bethesda's take on the franchise has to offer. If you're a newbie then I'd suggest you go out and grab the GOTY edition of the game which comes with all of the other DLC as well including Broken Steel, which is quite frankly the only one expansion I actually bought myself. These two offer a nice variation of location - especially Anchorage, with its pristine snow making a nice change from the rather drab colour scheme of the parent game.

Zavvi are currently offering these two add-ons for £4.95, which is a couple of quid cheaper than nearest competitor ShopTo, and certainly less expensive than downloading them via Xbox LIVE. Moreover, because these two come on disc you can simply shove them straight onto your hard drive and then keep the disc for calamitous occasions such as your console exploding in a shower of fiery death.

Do note that you will need a copy of Fallout 3 to play these add-ons. Anchorage sees you participating in a military simulation up in Alaska, fighting against Chinese soldiers looking to establish a foothold on the continent. There are a few new weapons and some sweet pieces of armour to be obtained and the whole look and feel of the expansion is certainly enough to warrant some interest. Anchorage plays far more like a straight FPS than before, with a more linear structure and pacing, but it's pretty entertaining nonetheless.

The Pitt, by contrast, is pretty much just a mini version of the Capital Wasteland, though grimier and a conscious effort has been made to make it more grim, if that was possible. It can be quite buggy at times, but it gives you a fair amount of bang for your buck, and the map itself is enormous. New weapons, enemies, armour and a whole bunch of new quests add to the flavour too.Fallout 3 Add-On Pack: Operation Anchorage & The Pitt £4.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 Games]

As stated before, it's not really worth getting this unless you're a Fallout 3 owner yet to buy these particular add-ons. I'd recommend buying Broken Steel first, though, as your new adventures - in The Pitt in particular - will certain help towards achieving the new Level 30 experience cap.


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