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Fallout 3 Game of The Year edition £17.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 & PS3 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Fallout 3 Game of The Year edition £17.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 & PS3 Games]

The post apocalyptic environments of Washington D.C. are your playground in this instalment of the Fallout series and it's a fantastic experience as you chose whether or not to nobly protect people or demonically destroy everything that crosses your path.

You can grab a copy of the game on the Xbox or the PS3 for £17.95 from Zavvi, which'll save you just over £2 on the Playstation and just over £3.50 on the 360.

As you traverse the wasteland you'll form allegiances, make enemies, have to defend yourself from attacks by the numerous psychopaths and mutants that inhabit the barren land, and basically try to make the best of a bad situation. On the other hand, you could turn to the dark side, stealing anything you deem to be useful, murdering people for looking at you wrong, and generally leaving a bloody mess in your wake.

The gameplay is a mix of classic RPG and FPS, which can switch between the two at the drop of a pin, and there's more than one situation where you'll quickly need to reach for your weapon after angering somebody during a conversation. Gun battles are great fun and the weapons themselves range from firearms that you'll recognise to the truly bizarre, which have been made out of any old junk that's lying around.

There's a wealth of things to do outside of the main story thread, ensuring that you'll never get bored whilst playing, and I for one have never got round to doing everything. The GOTY extends the game past it's already ridiculous length through the five add-ons that are included, my favourites of which are Mothership Zeta where you're abducted by aliens and have to escape from their little grey clutches, and Point Lookout where you'll be fighting mutated hillbillies in dungarees armed with double barrel shotguns.

Personally this is one of my favourite games so I'd recommend that you go out and get it if you don't already own a copy, as it'll be money well spent on a game that'll last you a good long while.

Thanks to darkone777 @ HUKD

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Julie  Jul. 4, 2010 at 20:14

Shows as £22.95 for me??


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