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From Fallout Online To iPlayer On The Wii: News Roundup November 14th

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Today’s news roundup sees the first Fallout MMO screens surface thanks to an ongoing legal battle between Bethesda and interplay, many banned pirated Xbox 360 consoles appear online for sale, while the Wii receives a dedicated BBC iPlayer channel.

First Fallout MMO Screenshots Released

From Fallout Online To iPlayer On The Wii: News Roundup November 14th

The image you see above is apparently among the first to be released proving “Project V13,” or more commonly known as the Fallout MMO, is underway.  Interplay has been forced to release these screenshots, due to an ongoing legal battle with Bethesda.  Apparently Interplay are taking too long to develop the Fallout MMO they promised so long ago, leading Bethesda to take legal action with the District Court of Maryland to terminate Interplay’s right to develop the MMO, believing their failure to enter full-scale development of the title is a breach of its trademark licensing agreement.  Interplay then released a few screenshots, allegedly proving development is underway.  The lawsuit began back in September, and still hasn’t reached a conclusion, but as the battle continues, more info is sure to be released.  [TheVault]

Modded Xbox 360 Consoles Flood Online Classified Ads

From Fallout Online To iPlayer On The Wii: News Roundup November 14th

Following the mass banning of pirates from Xbox Live that’s been taking place over the past few weeks in North America and Canada (apparently up to a million modded Xbox 360s have now been banned), a flood of people have been selling their modified consoles online.  Many sellers admit to have their console banned, and are offering their console plus a heap of pirated games for incredibly low prices, with Craigslist being the main method of selling.

Of course access to Xbox Live will be barred, and Microsoft has a warning for anyone thinking of purchasing one of these consoles.  “If you purchase a modified console second-hand, the warranty is not transferable and the purchaser assumes the risk for any previous modifications. If you purchase a console that has been previously banned, you will not be able to connect to [Xbox] Live,” said Microsoft in an official statement.  [Cnet]

Dedicated BBC iPlayer Channel Headed to Wii

From Fallout Online To iPlayer On The Wii: News Roundup November 14th

Non-gaming features on a console nearly appear as important as the gaming features nowadays.  Sony recently struck success by integrating the BBC iPlayer into the video channel of the PlayStation 3 XMB, going on to become the second most popular method to watch iPlayer, with 10% of iPlayer viewers coming from the PS3.

Nintendo look set to follow suit, announcing the Wii should soon be receiving its own dedicated iPlayer channel on the home menu.  The iPlayer was technically available on the Wii through using the Wii’s web browser, but as the BBC promise having its own channel will provide a “faster, high-quality, and improved viewing experience.”  [GameSpot]

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ElBuc  Nov. 14, 2009 at 20:36

iPlayer hasn't worked on the Wii internet channel for a while now.

hotblack  Nov. 15, 2009 at 08:05

Actually the Beeb's figures say the PS3 accounts for 6%, no idea where gamespot got their numbers from.


ElBuc yes accessing via the Opera web browser on the Wii has been broken for a little while during this transfer to the new dedicated application. Looking at the pics and details linked it could be worth the wait though.

Gunn  Nov. 15, 2009 at 15:56

PS3 is pretty decent, though when you have iPlayer on Virgin media its not really needed but if i had Sky or nothing I'd definitely be using it instead of my laptop.


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