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Fallout New Vegas DLC Lonesome Road Delayed

Felix Kemp
Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas DLC Lonesome Road Delayed

Bethesda's round of post-release content for Fallout New Vegas was set to launch another wasteland chunk on consumers this month, with the Lonesome Road DLC pack set for release at the end of August. However, Bethesda have today announced Lonesome Road won't be released this month, due to an unforeseen "factor" forcing Bethesda's hand in delaying the DLC.

Bethesda have assured fans the delay isn't attributed to any "major issues with code or content", but instead a number of "factors". Pretty vague, but nonetheless it's good to hear the DLC itself isn't in bad shape. Bethesda wouldn't commit to a release date just yet, but promised news on Lonesome Road - plus other Fallout New Vegas stuff - would be announced in the "near future".

Sad news, I know, but Lonesome Road sounds like it's well worth the wait. Finally completing the story from the main game, where you - the anonymous Courier - were almost killed while delivering the mysterious Platinum Chip. In Lonesome Road, you'll finally meet Ulysses, the original courier tasked with delivering the chip who refused the job. Ulysses leaves you a transmission, promising answers in exchange for one last job.

The catch? This final delivery takes you to the Divide, an all new area split apart by constant quakes and storms, it's skies a turbulent mess of ever-increasing hurricanes. The Divide is so dangerous, no one who has entered has ever returned. Splendid. All jokes aside, the Divide promises to bring a fresh aesthetic to New Vegas, and Lonesome Road looks set to be an absolute delight. Whenever it's released! [Bethesda]

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