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From Famitsu To Castle Crashers: News Roundup: 23rd July

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Famitsu hails Gears of War while condemning King of Fighters in today’s news roundup.  Also, Ballad of Gay Tony gets a confirmed release date, Project Natal is rumoured to be intergraded with a new 360, and Castle Crashers is confirmed for the PS3.

Famitsu Slams King of Fighters, Praises Gears of War

From Famitsu To Castle Crashers: News Roundup: 23rd July

Famitsu magazine has slammed popular beat-em- up The King of Fighters XII, awarding a poor 22 points out of 40.  Despite the low score they praised the visuals saying they “are a huge advance over previous games, making each character's charms really stand out”.  In regards to the fighting they said “battles become tests of how well you can read your opponent, it's a great feeling when you connect with a critical counter or guard attack”.

So, with great visuals and combat why the low score? Apparently the lack of volume in the game was the main concern. One reviewer stated that apart from 1-on-1 play the game offers nothing else to do.   Fewer characters, no story mode, and a poor single player experience made up the rest of the complaints.  Famitsu instead gave their love to Gears of War 2, which is only hitting Japan on July 30th.  One reviewer said “the fun, just like the violence, is even more dangerous than the previous game”, giving the game 38 out of 40.  [1UP]

Ballad of Gay Tony Confirmed For Late October

From Famitsu To Castle Crashers: News Roundup: 23rd July

Rockstar announced that the Xbox 360 exclusive The Ballad of Gay Tony will be coming out (no pun intended) on October 29th for 1600 Microsoft points.  The Grand Theft Auto 4 downloadable episode puts you in the role of Luis Lopez, who works for nightclub owner Tony Prince, also known as Gay Tony.  Rockstar also confirmed the "Episodes From Liberty City" retail disc will be released on the same day, containing both DLC packs on the disc, and not requiring the original GTA4 disc to play.  [Kotaku]

Project Natal A New Console?

From Famitsu To Castle Crashers: News Roundup: 23rd July

The growing belief that Natal will be a new console is now supported with supposedly damning evidence.  Apparently Aptina has won the rights to be the supplier of “1.3-megapixel CMOS image sensors (CIS) for a new version of the Xbox 360 console under Microsoft's Project Natal technology”.

Also, according to DigiTimes sources in Taiwan indicate the new 360 will be released in the later half of 2010.  This is pure speculation of course, but as time passes more evidence seems to indicate Natal may come built into the 360. Speculation remember!  [DigiTimes]

Castle Crashers Confirmed For PS3

From Famitsu To Castle Crashers: News Roundup: 23rd July

Castle Crashers, the beat-em-up action game that won many best Xbox Live Arcade game awards has been confirmed for the PS3.  Developers The Behemoth have not yet confirmed a release date, but as the PS3 version will be on display at Comic-Con tomorrow it couldn’t be too far off.  [Gamestop]

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