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Fares: Some Publishers "Interfere Too Much", MS and Sony "Too Cocky"

Matt Gardner
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Fares: Some Publishers "Interfere Too Much", MS and Sony "Too Cocky"

Film-maker and Brothers game director Josef Fares is an outspoken chap. In amongst chatting about his upcoming game last week, he told Dealspwn that although Starbreeze and 505 Games have given him total control over his game, there are still publishers out there who "interfere too much" when it comes to development, even dragging down franchises in some cases.

Asked whether he felt the industry was getting better at allowing for innovation and risk-taking when it comes to development, Fares' suggested that although games such as Journey are pushing boundaries, there's still some way to go.

"We're not there yet," he said. "There are some people holding that back. Some publishers out there interfere too much, and there have been a few great games made worse thanks to this interference. I think it's great that games like Journey get attention, but don't get me wrong, we need all kinds of games – from big blockbusters like Call of Duty down to smaller games – but this is a risk for Starbreeze in a number of ways because the production values are high. And you have to remember for a downloadable game that might cost around 1200 Microsoft Points, and that's just a general figure as an example, you have to sell a lot of units to get your money back. It's very admirable that they want to take this chance, especially on a guy who's not made a game before, so it's very risky. But I'm so confident that they'll get their money back. Or at least, because I can't really speak towards sales, I'm confident that it'll be a worthwhile game, one that's appreciated."

Fares also went on to give his views on the next generation of home consoles, saying that Microsoft and Sony have "become too cocky", and that of all of the prospective options, he's most excited for Valve's Steam Box:

"They're too cocky at the moment, Microsoft and Sony. I'm happy for Valve, and I'm looking forward to what they do with the Steam Box, because I think that the other two console manufacturers are underestimating the hardcore audience.

"Looking at next-gen, I'm most excited for the Steam Box because I love games, and it's as simple as that. So for me, that's the console to go for, even though I know very little about the actual hardware itself. It feels like Valve care about games, their community, and that they're open to new developers and new ideas. Things like Greenlight and Kickstarter are creating more and more opportunities for developers to take risks and make the games that they want to make, which is really cool."

You can read our full interview with Josef later today.

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