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Fargo Pondering Kickstarter Project For Wasteland Sequel, 'Means We Don't Have To Do It Like The Publisher Wants'

Matt Gardner
Brian Fargo, Crowd Funding, Interplay, Kickstarter, Wasteland

Fargo Pondering Kickstarter Project For Wasteland Sequel, 'Means We Don't Have To Do It Like The Publisher Wants'

There'd be no Fallout without Wasteland, suggests Interplay founder Brian Fargo. The old-school 1988 RPG was set in a post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear blast, but the developers failed to secure the rights, weren't allowed to make a sequel at the time and moved on and created the Fallout universe.

And now, inspired by Double Fine's recent success in securing crowd funding for their adventure game, Fargo is looking at creating Wasteland 2 with public backing.

"Pondering bringing Wasteland back through this crowdfunding. It's a world I have longed to work with again," Fargo tweeted on Valentine's Day.

Although unsure as to whether or not the game would be titled Wasteland 2, Fargo's certain of the path the game would take in terms of look and feel, suggesting that it be "100% faithful to its roots", with gameplay that "would be focusing on top-down, probably isometric, party based, skill based -- where if you'd just finished playing Wasteland and moved onto this you'd feel comfortable."

But would it be relevant? Fargo thinks so. "A lot of people have forgotten that there would have been no Fallout if there wasn't a Wasteland," he argues, also going on to make the point that there doesn't have to be a compromise in terms of the type of game the developers make. "This process means we don't have to do it like the publisher wants," he states. They have a direct link to their own audience, and fargo feels that this could prove to foster a development environment that's "more like the old days...totally creative."

He doesn't necessarily see it as the future of the industry, though. "I think you're unlikely to get funding if you're a new start up with six guys out of Croatia," he states, although some small indie projects have enjoyed significant success thanks to good use of Kickstarter. However, "it might be an opportunity to have a development community in that mid-level again." With industry luminaries proclaiming the death of mid-range games, perhaps this can provide one answer.

One things for sure, exciting times lie ahead. [IGN]

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