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Fathom Kickstarter Promises "Undersea Neo-Gothic Steampunk Adventure"

Jonathan Lester
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Ironsun Studios, the British indie studio behind excellent Steampunk-meets-Breakout game IonBall, have launched a Kickstarter campaign for a much more ambitious project. Fathom promises to deliver an underwater puzzle and adventure experience, backed up by their trademark Steampunk aesthetic.

They'll need to raise £120,000 over the next month to make it happen. More details below.

Fathom Kickstarter Promises "Undersea Neo-Gothic Steampunk Adventure"

In Fathom, you play as Nathaniel Lockhart, a shipwrecked Victorian adventurer of the 1870’s who is lost at sea in the Caribbean. Lockhart has no memories of the events surrounding the shipwreck, but has visions of a mysterious design for an underwater craft called the Bathysphere and recurring nightmares of a violent attack on the vessel that led to the shipwreck.

Obsessed with the idea that this is the only way to find answers to the mystery, Lockhart pools his resources to build the machine and mounts an expedition back to the murky waters that haunt his every thought. Lockhart must build and master the mysterious underwater craft and ultimately take control of Atlantis, repairing the broken machines of the Atlanteans and solve their ancient puzzles to uncover the mystery.

Fathom Kickstarter Promises "Undersea Neo-Gothic Steampunk Adventure"

In gameplay terms, Fathom intends to offer puzzle solving, combat and exploration in a 2.5D underwater world, with players controlling Lockhart's Bathysphere on a quest to discover exactly what lurks behind his sinister visions.

If you like the pitch, Ironsun are seeking £120,000, with a range of reward tiers available. Check out the Kickstarter Page for more details.

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thecresta  Feb. 28, 2013 at 14:01

A spiritual successor to Terror of the Deep, maybe?


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