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The Last Federation now just £7.99 on The Humble Store, save £7

Jonathan Lester
Arcen Games, Indie Games, PC games, Strategy games

The Last Federation now just £7.99 on The Humble Store, save £7

The Last Federation | The Humble Store | £7.99 (RRP: £14.99)

Why destroy the universe when we can rule it from the shadows? The Last Federation is a fantastic space strategy game set within a 4X simulation. AI races go to war, live and die - but we play as a wild card capable of toppling governments, burning fleets (in surprisingly fast and slick tactical combat) and manipulating the galaxy to our whim. It's revolutionary, replayable and only £7.99 on The Humble Store, saving you a cool £7.

You'll get a Steam code.

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Doors  Jul. 4, 2014 at 10:35

I am tempted by this. My issue is that I would likely play it mostly on my lappy. Would you say that the real time parts are easily playable with a mouse pad as opposed to a mouse?

JonLester  Jul. 4, 2014 at 10:51

That's a really interesting point, Doors. The answer would be... probably? The combat won't be a problem - it's technically 'real time' but broken up into six second tactical turns, so it's all about planning as opposed to twinstick reflexes.

However, browsing the dense interface and complex menus could be problematic and frustrating with a mousepad, in all honesty. I believe that Arcen have implemented several usability tweaks over the last few weeks, but even so, I feel that a mouse is going to be significantly more comfortable in the long-run.

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