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FIFA 09 £4.85 @ ShopTo [PSP Games]

Jonathan Lester
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FIFA 09 £4.85 @ ShopTo [PSP Games]

The recent PSN Spring Sale reduced the price of Fifa 09 to £15.99- but let's face it, we all know better than to buy digital copies of physical games directly from Sony. ShopTo is currently selling the game for £4.85 now that it's back in stock, but be warned that stock status will not last forever so get moving! Most other vendors are out of copies, but if you have something against ShopTo, then SelectCheaper (£9.12) and Coolshop (£9.99) are your next best bets, but they're over £4 away. Savvy consumers may have already snaffled up the shortlived £3.98 Platinum deal that has now sadly expired- Ed.

Whilst FIFA 10 builds upon its predecessor's graphics engine to deliver a slightly sharper experience, FIFA 09 is still a decent handheld footie sim in its own right. Reviewers unanimously praised its sharp visuals, smooth gameplay and well-featured game modes. The Be a Pro game mode was especially lauded as one of the best in the series due to its organic progression and unlocking system.

However, FIFA 09 unsuprisingly suffers from the usual rogues gallery of handheld problems. A few of the minigames are space-fillers rather than worthwhile diversions, and the graphics are occasionally fairly jaggy (a common PSP gripe, though the animation quality more than makes up for it). Through balls and tactical passes can also be tricky to pull off thanks to the simplified physics engine and control scheme.

If you're a footie fan with a PSP, you've basically got two choices: either fork over around £14 for FIFA 10 or £4.85 for its capable predecessor. It doesn't reinvent the beautiful game, and it's not without its problems, but FIFA 09 is still more than able to emulate the console experience on a handheld.

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