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FIFA 10 £12.99 @ HMV [Wii Games]

Tom Silkstone
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FIFA 10 £12.99 @ HMV [Wii Games]

If dribbling a ball around a pitch whilst avoiding being seriously injured by an onslaught of dirty tackles, by performing some flashy tricks, so you can get the chance of scoring a goal is your thing, then you might want to check out Fifa 10.

HMV are parting with copies of the game on the Wii for £12.99, which'll make you a saving of almost £2 on the next best price of £14.85 coming in from ShopTo.

The Wii version is a little bit different from those of the other consoles, mainly because it'd be hard to replicate the same experience on Nintendo's box of wonders, so the players aren't replicated in as much detail and the gameplay might not be exactly what you're expecting. Also, there aren't quite as many modes as you'd find on some of the other versions of the game.

Controlling your players is pretty straight forward, the nunchuck controls their movement, whilst almost everything else is governed by the Wii-mote. The momentum system is quite a nice touch, and its bar fills up depending on how aggressively you're playing, which then allows you to pull of faster moves once it's charged.

Before each match you get to choose a couple of 'Manager Moments' which are essentially goals you want your team to accomplish during the course of each game. If you manage to meet your targets then you'll be rewarded with player attributes and game booster cards, which improve your teams stats. Personally, I can't help but feel that this is a bit like running down to the betting shop to put a wager on your favourite team and then waiting for 90 minutes with a slip of paper grasped tightly in your hands, hoping for a pay-off at the end.

The online multiplayer is fairly basic and consists of unranked and ranked one off matches, so don't expect to play any long tournaments with friends over the internet.

The game provides you with a nice bit of fun even if it is a bit sparse compared to the other consoles' versions and'll keep you entertained when there aren't any matches to watch on TV.

Thanks to goonertillidie @ HUKD

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