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FIFA 11 Review: Jostling For Attention

Matt Gardner
FIFA 11, Football games, Games reviews, Sports Games


Platforms: PC | PS3 | X360 | Wii | NDS | PSP

Developer: EA Canada

Publisher: EA Sports

Right, first of all let's get one thing straight. Let's dispel all talk of realism here. FIFA has never particularly been the franchise for that. Where it has succeeded in recent years is selling The Beautiful Game at it's most beautiful: capturing the epic nature of the biggest matches, making you feel like a footballing superstar by thumping in a goal from 35 yards, bringing stadia to life the world over and making passers-by think that there's a Saturday match on the box rather than a video game.

FIFA 11 Screenshot 6

But FIFA 10 wasn't perfect. Thankfully, neither was PES 2010 either, but there was still some ground to be made. For starters, it was far too easy, the keepers still erred on the side of occasional idiocy and, whilst the game boasted excellent motion capture and 360 movement, passing felt a bit robotic, there were too many clear lines through the opposition defence and lobbing made chipped goals plentiful.

That said, it was still an absolute cracker of a game, one with a distinct personality and arguably the finest football game we'd ever seen...though there were a fair few arguments there. A lot of work's gone into tweaking things for FIFA 11 and, whilst there aren't too many wholesale changes to the formula there've been a number of additions fuelled by fan feedback that make FIFA 11 an enticing proposition.

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