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FIFA 12 Patch Due In 2-3 Weeks

Felix Kemp
EA Sports, FIFA 12

FIFA 12 Patch Due In 2-3 Weeks

Will Make "Big Corrections"

Yesterday, I decided to take up our editor Matt's offer of a day of FIFA, PES and pizza. Thinking I was in for a very fun and food-packed day, I was instead walking into a trap. You see, Matt's quite good at FIFA; he's also quite good at PES. As such, he humiliated me, game after game after game. I managed one win to his seven or eight or so, and it was under quite fortuitous circumstances where a defensive clearance rebounded off my striker's shin and into the goal. Why am I telling you this, you might ask? Well, I needed to let it out. It's cathartic. Anyway, FIFA 12 is due a patch in just under a month, with EA set to make some "big corrections".

Speaking on the latest episode of the FIFA 12 podcast, senior community manager Romily Broad told fans that issues with the FIFA Ultimate Team component, such as players being unable to log on, were intentional, as EA awaited the massive upsurge of users to die down a bit, allowing the servers to stretch and convalesce, wherein they'll remove the player cap and allow more players on-board.

"The general message is we're looking at all of this stuff and we're going to be fixing them very, very soon," Broad told concerned fans. EA Canada's staff have been tasked with updating the game far more frequently than on past FIFA titles. "Things are different with FIFA 12. The first patch for the console is going to be coming out within days, like maybe 14 or 21 of them. Two or three weeks from now the first patch will happen and that's going to make big corrections to some of the things that are bothering people the most."

Players who picked up FIFA 12 on the PC who have been suffering through excessive downloads and disconnects relating to Origins issues need not be alarmed, according to Broad, who revealed the team is aware of such problems and in the process of fixing them. Broad hopes fans won't simply suffer in silence and will alert EA to any and all issues they encounter with the game. "t would be nice if people came and talked to us about the things that are bothering them," he said, "because we are going to be listening." [FIFA 12 Podcast]

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