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Fifa 12 Video Caught Offside!

Felix Kemp
FIFA 12, Games news

Fifa 12 Video Caught Offside!

I love leaks. Already in just the past week we've had the entire Modern Warfare 3 plot revealed, and earlier in the month both the Wii 2 and - maybe - even the next Xbox had their existence outed. And now we can add Fifa 12 to that list, with a video leaked onto Youtube detailing the new and improved features on offer for the genre's premiere contender.

The video appears to be an internal clip probably intended for EA's marketing arm in the run-up to E3. It showcases all the new defensive options at your disposal, including the ability to track onrushing attackers and block their way legally, instead of diving into a tackle or barging into them. A welcome feature we've long hoped for.

The video then demonstrates Fifa's new Impact Engine, a dramatic update to their already impressive physics system. We see a defender topple an attacker with a low slide, both players falling to the ground and bumping into each other in their attempts to retrieve the loose ball. A particularly vicious tackle sends an opponent sprawling, head-first, onto the turf, whereas another sends an attacker literally head over heels.

It's actually pretty incredible, especially when EA shows a player cutting in from the wing before having his legs clipped and thudding to the ground. The video is rewound and zoomed in, slow-motion style, to showcase just how precise the Impact Engine is, with the defender sticking out a leg which the attacker then trips over, the physics engine taking over and carrying him into the air before landing on the floor with a painful-looking thud.

But what of the new attacking options? Well, the dribbling mechanic for holding and shielding the ball has been improved, allowing much greater dexterity and control at the feet of gifted players. You can now perform a fabled Cryuff Turn, and the engine now allows you to perform context-sensitive tricks, demonstrated when an onrushing attacker slips the ball through a defender's legs just as he dives into a sliding tackle.

It's quite a long video, and whereas it showcases some in-engine stuff, a lot of it is demonstrated with placeholder models and basic visuals for the more complex stuff. It's most definitely legit, and will probably be cut down and used in some form at E3 next month. We'll have more for you on Fifa 12 when it develops. [Youtube]

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Mr Kermode  May. 21, 2011 at 10:51

Yawn. People turning ever so slightly differently.

Felix Kemp  May. 21, 2011 at 14:20

It's not a drastic leap forward by any means, but the improvements to the physics, defensive options and such are welcome additions regardless

MattyPlant  May. 21, 2011 at 17:52

I like the defender holding off the ball, thats a nice touch, but isnt that just the computer doing that? I thought YOU controlled the players?
Its added quick turns and various cough * "Link Feints" un-cough lol
And the clattering the player with the defender mode is.... well its a bit silly, sure it happens in the game, and provided its a one in a hundred chance per say, it'd be fun when you have got some pals round!

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