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FIFA 14 Career Mode Trailer Explains The Global Transfer Network

Jonathan Lester
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FIFA 14 Career Mode Trailer Explains The Global Transfer Network

Scouting For Goals

FIFA 14 will give players more options when managing their team as well as on the pitch. The career mode has been enhanced with a new Global Transfer Network system that lets us send out talent scouts, who gradually ferret out information on on potential new signings all over the world.

EA Sports have helpfully explained how it works in an informative new trailer, which we've stashed below.

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Kopite211  Sep. 6, 2013 at 00:09

I've been playing the FUT Beta and can honestly say the gameplay has changed much more than in previous versions. Not only has the whole menu structure improved massively but the way you're made to play is far more realistic. You can no longer simply outpace your opponent, even slow defenders can prove a good match up against pacers. Headers seem more responsive now and less about your player having to find space to get a decent shot on goal. Initially the player movement feels less fluid but when you get used to it and the faints you'll need to use the whole build up becomes so much more fluid. It's a big evolution compared to the last progression between 12 and 13.


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