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Fighter Within Officially Announced For Xbox One Kinect

Jonathan Lester
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1:1 Brawling In Your (Trashed) Living Room

Following some premature leakage (urgh), Fighter Within has been officially announced by Ubisoft as a Kinect-powered brawler.

"Discover Fighter Within the next-gen game that provides you the excitement of a real fight, throwing you into the most immersive total-body combat experience ever made," Ubisoft excitedly promises. "Enter a world of sweat, timing and training thanks to kick-ass motion recognition. Brawling with your friends will never feel the same again."

As previously rumoured and reported, Fighter Within will leverage Kinect's 1:1 body tracking to let players get very physical against AI foes and other players. We reckon that it'll be incredibly cathartic, but will spell ruin for coffee tables the world over.

Ubisoft will reveal more details about the Xbox One exclusive very soon. We'll keep an eye on it and the as-yet inactive official website.

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Late  Aug. 20, 2013 at 13:39

Look at this and hang your head in shame, Ryse.

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