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Fighter Within Requires Five Feet Of Floorspace For Kinect Fisticuffs (Also It Still Exists)

Jonathan Lester
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Fighter Within Requires Five Feet Of Floorspace For Kinect Fisticuffs (Also It Still Exists)

Oh yes, Fighter Within. We'd practically forgotten that Ubisoft's Xbox One exclusive is set to offer some virtual full-body beat 'em up action at launch, but a new Xbox Wire post reminds us that it is a thing and is very much happening. What's more, it will only require five feet of free space to play. "Only," of course, being a very relative term depending on the size of your lounge.

"There are multiple benefits offered by the new Kinect," explains producer Luc Verdier, keen to stress some of the new gameplay opportunities provided by Xbox One's Kinect sensor. "First of all, the recognition is way more precise. The sensor can actually track each of your fingers, and even your eyes. The good news is that the exclusion of objects has also been greatly improved so this great recognition is not disturbed by all the items around you, or people passing behind you while you’re playing.

"The local multiplayer has also been drastically improved, and you can now play 1 versus 1 in small apartments without breaking anything or kicking your friends (at least unintentionally). And of course, the responsiveness is way better thanks to the Xbox One’s power. We used all that to respond to critiques that were made from players and journalists about the first Kinect fighting games, and we think we now can deliver on the long-awaited motion-fighting promise that was made to players a few years ago. Playing “Fighter Within” is fun, responsive, and physical: the perfect way to fight with your friends without hurting anything else other than their pride!"

"There are many other improvements offered by the new Kinect, like the muscle tracker, but we chose to only use the technologies we needed to offer a fun, immersive and straightforward fighting experience."

Sounds good - if it works - but we'll need a decent amount of space to jab and weave without kicking over a lamp or treading on your cat. However, Verdier reckons that we won't actually need all that much, even compared to current-gen Kinect games.

"Offline multiplayer is one of the major improvements brought by the new Kinect," he announced. "You actually do not need much distance to play. A few feet is enough to play, though I’d recommend about 5 feet, as I have a large TV screen, like most gamers I guess. And to play 1 versus 1 safely, you’ll probably want to leave a couple feet between you and your friend too!"

That last point is probably the most important - there's nothing like a broken jaw to ruin your boxing day. Fighter Within launches in November exclusively on Xbox One.

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Quietus  Oct. 21, 2013 at 13:45

Five square feet? That's only 68cmx68cm, which is tiny. Are you sure you don't mean 5 feet squared (5x5), giving you 25 square feet?:)

JonLester  Oct. 21, 2013 at 13:53

...yes. What you said. ;)

No wonder my new extension turned out to be the size of a shoebox. I need to brush up on my units.

Last edited by JonLester, Oct. 21, 2013 at 13:55
Quietus  Oct. 21, 2013 at 16:01

Don't worry. We'll chalk it up to the Monday morning thing.:D


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