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Final Fantasy Tactics A2 £7.95 @ Zavvi [Nintendo DS]

Marius Goubert
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Nintendo DS

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 £7.95 @ Zavvi [Nintendo DS]

If you own a DS and have been holding out for a really decent turn based strategy game then look no further as they really don’t get much better than Final Fantasy Tactics A2. The game is easily one of the best tactical RPGs out there and the great news is that Zavvi are offering copies for the very reasonable price of £7.95. That’s a good deal given the next cheapest copy you’ll find is on BlahDvd at £10.87.

But don’t take my word for it. IGN describe it as ‘one of those games you’d want to take with you to a desert Island’ - and they’re not just being melodramatic. Final Fantasy A2 Grimoire is the latest FF tactics game in a string of releases which date all the way back to 1998. However, although the game shares similarities to its predecessors, it has been innovated to make it one of the best FF turn based strategy formats to date.

Like Final Fantasy Tactics (the previous format on Game Boy Advance), the player takes control of a young boy called Luso who is transported to the Final Fantasy World via a magical book (hmm sounds familiar). Upon arrival Luso must travel from destination to destination taking part in turn based battles to win loot, new items and of course upgrade to better weapons. However in a feature which has really come to define the gameplay of Final Fantasy Tactics, Luso also has the ability to customize his group of followers.

This means that each member is able to adhere to a particular job which gives them certain strengths in battle. These range across roles like warriors, magicians, thieves and archers. The player then upgrades and further enhances the attributes of their various characters by accepting missions and going on quests. Many of the battles are also judged, which means that certain parameters are set on which attacks you can and cannot use. Break the rules and it’s not exactly the end of the world, but it could mean that you miss out on some great bonus items.

But at the risk of going on and on, these are just a few examples of the sort of features Final Fantasy A2 provides.  Overall it is clear that despite a poor rip off story, a lot of effort has gone into creating an RPG with a very high level of complexity and depth. All of this combined with some of the best graphics ever seen on a DS game means that you'd be hard pressed to find anything better (especially for under eight quid!).

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 £7.95 @ Zavvi [Nintendo DS]

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