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Get Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII for £5 each over at Gamersgate

Carl Phillips
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Get Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy VIII for £5 each over at Gamersgate

Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII on PC are now just £5 each over at Gamersgate - Click the links to buy

It's all change in the Gamersgate Holiday Sale, and while there are a few other titles in the series on offer the standout savings are on the seventh and eighth entries in the Final Fantasy series. Both come with Magic Boosters to give you an extra helping hand during your play sessions.

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roberttaylor8273  Dec. 15, 2014 at 13:36

haven't they been £5 most places the last few weeks?

Late  Dec. 15, 2014 at 14:50

Haven't played FF7 in ages. I keep saying I want to play it again, but with remastered graphics (not to mention audio), but tbh the game's getting a bit foggy in my memory. I'm not getting any younger, and memory apparently doesn't improve in your forties.

So I fired it up on the pc last night, and played for an hour or so.

Still seems like a great game, but the main thing playing it again did was reinforce the need for it to be remade. I recall those graphics were fantastic at the time. Now, though, they look pretty damned awful. (If I was any good with PCs I'd maybe try to find a mod - I imagine people have made them - but I'd end up breaking something.)

In the game's defence, it's getting on. You forget how long it's been. It's older than my kids, and they're at college now.

Ouch, I feel old.


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