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Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack £4.99 @ Play.com [Xbox 360]

Marius Goubert
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Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack  £4.99 @ Play.com [Xbox 360]

If you are already hooked by the massively multiplayer online role play world of Final Fantasy XI then you should check out its first full expansion for a very worthwhile £4.99. When doing a price comparison survey, the next cheapest price which you will find the game on xbox 360 is for around £20 on gameseek.com. So that’s good news for all aspiring warriors and white mages out there!

However for those who’ve not heard of Final Fantasy XI, it’s another one of those online role playing games (yes I know, another one!). Indeed there seem to be so many MMORPG’s you would have thought the novelty was wearing a bit thin by now. But refreshingly, FFXI does have some unique selling points which set it apart from other games of its genre.

For a start, it has a well conceived format which is nicely streamlined and bypasses some of the more cumbersome aspects of most online role play games. For example there is no need to make your character constantly eat food so they don’t become fatigued. This is great as it lets you concentrate on the cool stuff like trading, interacting and fighting.

The world of FFXI has also matured very nicely since first going live. In the beginning it was plagued by an array of technical problems but now the designers are really on top of things. The game runs smoothly and there are a constant stream of new updates and new content.

On the downside FFXI does require a big commitment in terms of time and money. You have to pay a monthly subscription which does not include a number of in game extras. You also need to put a fair amount of effort into getting to grips with a tricky control system and evolve the attributes of you character.

However  in terms of tactics, social interaction and team work, Final Fantasy XI is one of the best MMORPG’s on market. Players have the ability to choose a job which allows them to take on a particular role within the online community. These varying jobs are upgraded in the expansion and range from group healers to more offensive warrior types.Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess Expansion Pack  £4.99 @ Play.com [Xbox 360]

So from noobs to hardcore final fantasy veterans, this is one to really sink your teeth into…

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