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Final Fantasy XIII £17.85 @ Shopto (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII £17.85 @ Shopto (Xbox 360)

The long-running roleplaying series finally breaks its Sony exclusivity and comes to Xbox 360.

Shopto.net have the lowest price, currently beating next-cheapest website, The HUT (£23.93), by a little over £6.

This is the standard edition version of the game.

In the first game of the series to be simultaneously developed for multi-platform release, Final Fantasy XIII takes players on an awe-inspiring journey through the floating cityworld of Cocoon and the savage lowerworld of Pulse, encountering a diverse band of would-be allies along the way. With seamless transitions between real-time gameplay and in-game cinematics, and an evolved Active Time Battle system offering a perfect harmony of spectacular action and strategy, this is an adventure unlike any other.

The traditional fighting system has evolved with the new Ultimate Active Time Battle System, where a greater emphasis is put on speed as well as strategy. Another brand new game mechanic - Paradigms, will allow the player to assign roles to their party members at any time during battle, allowing allow players to respond and adapt instantly to any given situation to turn the tide and seize victory.

The game has received largely positive reviews since its release, being seen as an improvement in presentation, but perhaps suffering a lack of ideas - being scaled back in many ways from the innovation of Final Fantasy XII. Certain ideas championed in the previous iteration have been abandoned and, for better or worse, this latest release is seen a return to the tried and tested formula. The removal of towns along your way was a huge disappointment to die-hard fans, as this was seen as a big reduction in interactivity and immersion.

Also, the Xbox 360 version of the game has been reported to have some disadvantages - when compared to its PlayStation 3 compatriot. Graphically, the Xbox version doesn't perform as well, with the game being developed primarily on the Sony's Cell programming system - then ported onto Xbox. Also, the game comes spread across three DVD-roms. Whilst you will have to swap discs at certain points throughout the game - this is only a minor niggle.

Some fans will love the traditional leanings of the game, coupled with its rich storytelling and lush visuals. Others might want more from a series so long-in-the-tooth, that has apparently taken a step backwards.

Not sure whether to plunge into the world of Cocoon? Check out Matt’s review here

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