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Final Fantasy XIII £17.98 @ GAME & Gamestation [PS3 and Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Final Fantasy XIII £17.98 @ GAME & Gamestation [PS3 and Xbox 360 Games]

Many gamers have been putting off buying Final Fantasy XIII due to its mixed critical reception... but now the price is right. GAME and Gamestation are now charging £17.98 for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Square's latest RPG masterpiece, netting you a saving of at least £10 compared with their nearest competitors (Amazon, for instance).

Final Fantasy XIII attempted to make the standard JRPG formula more accessible to the Western audience, and succeeded for the most part. The combat system is fantastic, with fluid controls, familiar ATB mechanics and impressive party AI. The graphics are also nothing short of wondrous, though the Xbox 360 version suffers badly in comparison with the PS3's crisp textures and video compression.

Unfortunately, FFXIII had to make a few compromises along the way. The first few hours are an unremitting linear grind with little in the way of exposition and character development- in fact, the motley crew of characters are probably the least interesting and relatable I've ever witnessed in a Square RPG. Whilst the second half opens up both in terms of exploration and story development, you never really get the feeling that you're in control of your own actions.

Still, Final Fantasy is as Final Fantasy does. Expect a cerebral storyline with plenty of twists, elemental magic, huge bosses and a pair of sexy Shiva sisters that turn into a driveable motorbike. Frankly, that alone is worth the price of admission.

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