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From Final Fantasy XIV On The 360 To Borderlands DLC: News Roundup August 23rd

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Borderlands | Mass Effect

Final Fantasy XIV is held up on the Xbox 360 due to issues between Square Enix and Xbox Live, in today’s news roundup.  In other news, Mass Effect 2 won’t suffer the same problems as its predecessor as the frame-rate is locked to 30FPS, the Xbox 360 outsells the PS3 in Japan, and Borderlands has DLC already in the works.

Discussions Slowing Up Final Fantasy XIV On The 360

From Final Fantasy XIV On The 360 To Borderlands DLC: News Roundup August 23rd

Final Fantasy XIV will be hitting the Xbox 360 at some point, despite no official announcement.  Producer Hiromichi attributed discussions with Microsoft for the delay.  “For FFXIV, because 360 has its own policy with Xbox Live that is different from [the] internet, that's something we're in discussions with Microsoft [about], to come to an agreement," he said. “That's one of the reasons it's not going to be launched [simultaneously].

Back at E3 Sony announced Final Fantasy XIV will be a PS3 exclusive, before Square contradicted this revealing it will be coming to other platforms.  Whatever the case, it looks like Final Fantasy XIV will be receiving a short window of exclusivity on the PS3 before Microsoft get their hands on it.  [VG247]

Mass Effect 2 To Run At 30 FPS

From Final Fantasy XIV On The 360 To Borderlands DLC: News Roundup August 23rd

Mass Effect was released in 2007 to much critical acclaim and praise.  But amongst this, there was the occasional complaint of problematic framerates and lengthy load times, something that won’t be an issue in Mass Effect 2.  “If you look at most good shooters, they lock down frame-rate at 30 FPS. We've done the same thing. Bam. Everything's 30 FPS, streaming is fixed up,” said associate producer Jesse Houston.

If you remember in Mass 1, if you took a step backwards and you hit a weird stream and it'd pause for a moment. We've done away with that. What you're seeing here is pulled straight from the game”.  Mass Effect 2 will see an early 2010 release on the Xbox 360 and PC, without any “weird streams” hopefully.  [VG247]

Xbox 360 Outsells PS3 In Japan

From Final Fantasy XIV On The 360 To Borderlands DLC: News Roundup August 23rd

The Xbox 360 isn’t a big deal in Japan.  Its main aim seems to be avoiding last place in the hardware charts along with the much older and less powerful PS2.  The news that the 360 managed to pummel the PS3 saleswise comes as quite a surprise.  August 10th to 16th marked a week where the 360 managed to sell an impressive 9,162 units while the PS3 trailed behind with only 5,944 units sold.

Obviously these figures are a long way off to putting the consoles in reach of the DSi (87,936 units sold) and the Wii (47,732 units sold) but they are exciting from Microsoft’s viewpoint at least.  Strangely, the sudden surge in sales doesn’t seem to be inspired by anything in particular.  No new software for Microsoft has made an impact in Japan this week or any in recent memory.  Perhaps Bill Gates went into Japan and bought 9,000 360s just to get one up on Sony? Or perhaps it's much more likely that Japanese consumers are holding off until the arrival of the PS3 Slim.  [GameSpot]

Borderlands DLC Already In Development

From Final Fantasy XIV On The 360 To Borderlands DLC: News Roundup August 23rd

Downloadable content is pretty much a necessity with any big-name release nowadays, and the sooner, the better.  This is something Gearbox president Randy Pitchford hopes to take advantage of with Borderlands, announcing, “people are going to be surprised when they find out how quickly we're coming” with the DLC.

We're going to watch and see what happens when the game launches, so we can have our plans affected by what our customers want more of” said Pitchford.  Gearbox are currently working on “plans for the initial stuff”, which will be announced soon, but are waiting for fan feedback before deciding exactly where to take the DLC.  Pitchford claims Borderlands is the “best we’ve ever done” and is headed for an October 23rd release date.  [Eurogamer]

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Mike  Aug. 23, 2009 at 18:14

Perhapse poor PS3 sales are something to do with the PS3 slim

Mike Hock (Of Bitter Wallet fame)  Aug. 24, 2009 at 09:14

If it's the FINAL fantasy, why are we on iteration 14?


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