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Final Worms Revolution Dev Diary Is All About Guns & Gameplay

Jonathan Lester
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Final Worms Revolution Dev Diary Is All About Guns & Gameplay

Worms Revolution promises to feature a host of weapons new and old - including the Concrete Donkey, Old Woman, Holy Hand Grenade and brand new water bombs to slowly drown enemies over time. This final Team 17 developer diary shows off the annelid armaments as well as delivering a few gameplay tips.

We've also got a full transcript, in case you want to hone your reading skills.

Q. What classic weapons can I battle with?

A. Classic weapons we’ve still got the Concrete Donkey, the Holy Hand Grenade, your AirStrikes, the Old Woman and of course the Sheep, so fans shouldn’t feel worried that we’ve left out the classics for some of the newer weapons we’re adding into Revolution.

Q. I heard there’s going to be some new weapons available in the panel; can you tell me more about these?

A. Yes we’ve got new water based weapons. So we’ve got the Water Bomb, the Water Pistol and the Water Strike. So these can be used to a good advantage, for example you can now drown enemy worms in dynamic water, so if you’re there in a crater you can chuck a Water Bomb in there and they’ll gradually lose health over time. You can also use it to push your enemy worms into different positions or even push them into the base water which is good fun. But you can counter this with the Plug Hole so if you find yourself in the dynamic water you can place a Plug Hole and drain the water away and then you are free to go on your way. We’ve also got the physics objects, so because of this we’ve added the utilities of the UFO and Telekinesis which will allow you to pick up the physics objects, move them around the landscape and put them into a more advantageous position for yourself. Because these will emit things like water, fire and poison which again, if you explode them they can help you kill off your enemies. We’ve also got the Stick Up which allows you to steal weapons from your opponents and the Wrench which will allow you to repair your Sentry Guns or Physics Objects should they get damaged.

Q. What’s your favourite weapon of choice?

A. I’ve got a couple. I’ve got the Concrete Donkey which is an old school weapon which causes a lot of carnage and is great fun to use. And we’ve added a new weapon which is the BoggyB which is like having a secret 5th worm in your team, so if you select him he’ll drop down from a helicopter and throw a grenade at your opponents which causes a lot of damage as well and is great fun to use.

Q. Do you have any gameplay tips?

A. Yes, because of the new physics objects that we’ve added it’s use these wisely. If you put them in the right area you can use them to push your worms into different areas or create extra damage so using these in the right way will definitely help you. And with the new class system we’ve added, use these again, think about how your shot is going to play out because if you swap your worms around like two of the classes like a Heavy and Scout, you can find this will benefit you and you might end up winning the match from the simple swap of the classes which is a useful effect to use.

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