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Firaxis Would Love To Work On New XCOM Sequel: It's A "Conversation Between Us And 2K"

Jonathan Lester
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Firaxis Would Love To Work On New XCOM Sequel: It's A "Conversation Between Us And 2K"

Enemy Within Reception May Influence Future Games

XCOM: Enemy Within is looking seriously impressive ahead of its November launch, but lead designer Ananda Gupta would love to take on the strategy franchise again. Apparently it's down to Firaxis and 2K Games - and perhaps how well Enemy Within is received at retail.

I posed Gupta the question of whether Firaxis would be interested in working on another XCOM game, perhaps a full sequel, during an interview that will air later today. "I would love to," he told Dealspwn.com. "I would love to work on another XCOM game. What we do and how we continue stuff like that really is a conversation between us and 2K. Depending on how well XCOM: Enemy Within is received, that might have some influence on the direction on the franchise."

"So yeah, we're definitely looking for that conversation to continue. This is the kind of game I love to make, and I'd love to be working on another one."

I daresay that there are plenty of strategy fans who share that sentiment. For now, be sure to catch up with our XCOM: Enemy Within hands-on preview, wherein we face off against the new human enemy faction Exalt.

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