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Firefall PvP Suspended To "Rethink And Relaunch"

Jonathan Lester
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Firefall PvP Suspended To "Rethink And Relaunch"

"It's Not Working Very Well"

Red 5 Studios have disabled Firefall's competitive PvP modes for an indefinite period of time, in an effort to deliver a more enjoyable experience.

Red 5 CEO Mark Kern issued a statement on the Firefall forums [via TenTonHammer], explaining why the competitive suite has been deactivated in their free-to-play MMO shooter.

"As you know, Firefall started with PvP," Kern wrote. "We have gone through several iterations, and for some time, pursued the controversial e-Sports route. As many of you know, its not working very well. Our last big attempt was a pure PvP eSports mode, Jetball. While very fun, its a high skill game and doesn't attract many of our players (less than 3% PvP in Firefall)."

Kern suggested that tuning Firefall's PvE has distracted them from the PvP side of things, and that they're "going to regroup, rethink, and deliver the best PvP system we can that can be enjoyed by everyone. We don’t have a timetable for this, but at some near future point we will shut off the PvP aspect of the game, which we feel does not represent Firefall at its best, and relaunch that part of the game when its ready." The deactivation occurred over the weekend.

Firefall is still in open beta/soft launch, so hiccups like this are to be expected. However, it's clear that Red 5 will need to sort out more than the PvP aspect before hitting v.1.0, since the arcane crafting system and relatively empty world need some serious attention in our opinion. Perhaps Firefall could implement some PvP directly into its open world, such as Defiance promised to do before phasing out Shadow Wars shortly before launch?

Either way, remember that you can sign up and play Firefall for free, right here.

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