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Firefly Online Officially Revealed, Is Finally Happening

Jonathan Lester
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On Smartphones & Tablets

Yes, we're finally getting an official Firefly videogame: a social online experience where players become captains seeking crews for jaunts and japes across the galaxy. However, it's currently slated for iOS and Android.

Firefly Online promises extensive ship customisation, RPG-esque crew hiring, numerous missions and inter-player trading. It's currently in development for release in Summer 2014 on mobile platforms, but a statement on their Youtube channel brings hope for a PC port at some point. "It'll initially be available for smartphones and tablets but we'll see how things go," it reads. So long as FFO is a decent game that works well on its platform of choice, we don't really care what it releases on.

Andy Gore, CEO of QMXi and Quantum Mechanix Inc. said of the announcement, “At QMx, we know firsthand how great and powerful a franchise Firefly is and how mighty the Browncoats are. It has always been our mission to bring the Verse to life for our customers in every way possible. The idea of creating an interactive experience where fans can have their own Firefly adventures — well, that’s just too shiny for words.”

More as this develops.

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Quietus  Jul. 18, 2013 at 11:47

This should go down well with the HUKD crowd, as it's posted as a deal every tree days or so.

X10  Jul. 18, 2013 at 15:57

QMX - Oh dear lord no!


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