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First Contact | Carl Vs Over 9000 Zombies!

Carl Phillips
First Contact, Gameplay, Loren Lemcke, Mastertronic, Over 9000 Zombies!

First Contact | Carl Vs Over 9000 Zombies!
When it comes to zombie games, those developers do like to put a lot of zombies in them. After all, there's nothing quite like a large horde of the undead shuffling towards a player to get the action going (or to cause much panic and headless-chicken-ing.) That said, we rarely get over a hundred of the brain-eating thralls coming for us at once. While that might be enough for some developers, Loren Lemcke decided that wasn't good enough, and so his current Early Access project - Over 9000 Zombies! - aims to deliver exactly what it says on tin.

Essentially a twin-stick top-down shooter, players do their best to slay wave upon wave of undead, picking up weapons, health kits, and power-ups, using any opportunity they can to build barricades or automated turrets by spending metal scraps they find. It's a simple premise that seems to match the graphical presentation, but once the action gets going what appears to be a collection of tried and tested game mechanics ends up being rather fun and addictive. So, to see if he could survive his first seven days in the game, we sent Carl in to find out if he could handle the copious amounts of flesh-eaters in our latest First Contact video.

Check out the official website here.

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