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First Contact | How to (not) survive in The Long Dark

Carl Phillips
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First Contact | How to (not) survive in The Long Dark

Survival sandbox titles have been popping up all over the place in recent years, so to stand out within the genre takes something a little special. Hinterland Studio reckons it has the right stuff with The Long Dark, and so I grabbed my nearest warm coat and along with testing out the game for the first time, attempted to see if I could survive the harsh Canadian wilderness.

My efforts were... erm... not great, but the game itself not only has a very charming aesthetic, it also manages to capture the feeling of loneliness and isolation perfectly. Especially when everything goes wrong. Which is did. A lot. See for yourself in our latest episode of First Contact!

You can learn more about The Long Dark, which is currently in early access, by visiting the official website.

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