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Flame & Frost Prelude Comes To Guild Wars 2 This Evening

Carl Phillips
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Flame & Frost Prelude Comes To Guild Wars 2 This Evening

New Story Content & Features Incoming

True to the words of Colin Johanson a few weeks ago, ArenaNet will be updating Guild Wars 2 with its first content patch of the year this evening. Called the Flame & Frost Prelude, players can expect a bunch of new features to be added to the MMO, including the Guesting ability that allows players to visit other servers.

As stated on the official website, the Prelude is a “prologue to a multi-stage narrative that will bring big changes to Guild Wars 2 in the months to come.” Along with playable content, players will see their achievement points do more than act as bragging rights, as a new form of currency called Laurels is being introduced. These can be traded in for Ascended gear and Infusions to augment equipment. Similarly, new utility Infusions are being added to the game as well, with ArenaNet stating that the new additions should ensure “there’s something for every style of player.”

Elsewhere, the Gem Store will see new items (including the Baby Quaggan backpack) and gameplay tweaks will be introduced, including performance enhancements to WvW PvP, adjustments to the dynamic level scaling system, and improvements to the User Interface.

We expect the patch notes to reveal more details on changes big and small when the update goes live this evening. For more information on the Flame & Frost Prelude you can check out the official website.

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