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Flashback Reboot Writer: 'This Was The Game Paul Cuisset Really Wanted To Make' In 1992

Jonathan Lester
Flashback, PSN, Ubisoft, VectorCell, XBLA

Flashback Reboot Writer: 'This Was The Game Paul Cuisset Really Wanted To Make' In 1992

"This Was The Game In His Head"

The news that classic platformer Flashback will be getting a downloadable reboot is cause for excitement for nostalgic gamers, but with numerous failed attempts to bring legendary games into the 21st century still sore in our memories, it's also causing a wee bit of concern.

Co-writer Simon McKenzie is convinced that fans will "embrace" this new version, since it's apparently the game that creator Paul Cuisset would have designed in 1992 if he had access to modern technology.

"I would hope that fans of the original will embrace this version, because it's Paul Cuisset's vision," McKenzie explained to Dealspwn.com. "It's his game, it's been his baby. He's wanted to do this for a while. The timing came together, the partnership with Ubisoft and VectorCell to get it out, it was a perfect marriage. If you enjoyed Paul Cuisset's game in the early 90s, this was the game he really wanted to make. We've got the technology now in the 21st century to put it out how he visualised it."

"He said, this was the game in his head back in the 90s, but there were technological limitations. We were able to work with him, put some new ideas in there, but all the classic elements that you remember from Flashback - from the Death Tower to finding the fragments of your memory and piecing together the larger scheme of things  - they're all there in the new game."

Stay tuned for our full interview with Simon McKenzie tomorrow.

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tr0r  Apr. 11, 2013 at 16:09

Dont mess it up, just upscale the graphics like the Another World aniversary edition.

DrTrouserPlank  Apr. 11, 2013 at 19:35

From the trailer I saw of it earlier it looks utterly horrible.

I'm glad that they faced technical limitations back in '92 because we got a good game out of it. This rehash looks awful. Without the Flashback name on it they wouldn't stand a chance of selling it, and I guess that's why we are getting what we are.

I'd happily take an HD port, or even a bog-standard port of the classic over this.

It's odd to go after the market they are. You've got to be part of the golden-age of gaming to remember this game from your childhood; reasonable mature and probably not willing to settle for complete junk, and I don't see many of them being convinced by it. Similarly I think the kids will find it equally "LOLOLOLOL lame, no killstreaks!!!11"

I think the visuals of the original are kind of timeless anyway. They haven't fallen victim to aging poorly like early 3D titles have.

tl:dr it looks poo.

Edit: delete my self-reply please.

Last edited by DrTrouserPlank, Apr. 11, 2013 at 19:40
hurrakan  Apr. 12, 2013 at 01:03

Damn, I agree - it doesn't look good. One of the best things about the original was the fluid animation - subtle speed changes when starting to run, or stopping. That was part of the gameplay - it added alot of finesse. Remember that long running jump at the start of level 2?

This new version looks klunky. And the voice acting seems to lose the mystery.


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