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Flockers Video Preview | Watch Jon Suck At Team 17's Sadistic Wooly Puzzler

Jonathan Lester
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Flockers Video Preview | Watch Jon Suck At Team 17's Sadistic Wooly Puzzler

Sheep have long been familiar companions to any Worms player. Whether an honourable lightsider or dastardly darksider, we're used to deploying armies of explosive livestock who merrily leap into harm's way before sacrificing themselves on the altar of victory. But have you ever stopped to wonder where these flocks of adorable ordinance actually come from?

Now we're set to find out -- and feel incredibly guilty in the process -- courtesy of Flockers. Team 17's newly-announced puzzler is set within the Worm's weapon factory, a gauntlet of industrial machinery, saws and blades, through which we'll guide our wooly mates using a 21st century take on classic Lemmings gameplay. It's tense, hectic, darkly hilarious and tremendously exciting.

You can read more about it in our Flockers hands-on preview... but wouldn't you rather watch the cuddly carnage firsthand? Behold: the entirety of the Rezzed preview build blundered through by yours truly, while Team 17's Bethany Aston valiantly does her best to make up for my extreme incompetence!

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