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Flotilla £3.95 (£3.41 via paypal) @ Gamersgate.com [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
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Flotilla £3.95 (£3.41 via paypal) @ Gamersgate.com [PC Games]Whilst my first two Flotilla adventures ended in my inglorious defeat at the hands of psychotic penguin bandits, the third saw my last ship blown to dust by a pair of vengeful Toucans. The fact that I’d already had them murdered, robbed and blown out the airlock during a previous encounter didn’t seem to matter much.

But while Flotilla’s storyline is more hilariously eccentric than it is consistent, the 3D space battles do provide a surprising amount of strategic depth. And if you enjoy quirky casual game titles which offer good value for money, Flotilla is currently up for £3.95 (£3.41 via paypal) from Gamersgate. This is a great price considering the next best offer comes in more than double from Steam.

The gameplay of Flotilla blends an interactive storyline with simultaneous-turn-based-strategy space battles. The former consists of player selecting destinations for their fleet and then making a decision based on whatever scenario they happen to find. These can vary from things like ‘You have just gate crashed a penguin bandit’s family reunion’, do you ‘a) Pay a toll’ or ‘b) Attack!’. Or ‘You’re pilot has accidentally killed a visiting diplomat’, do you ‘a) Turn him in’ or ‘b) Acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes and jettison the body.’.  Of course all of these event windows will affect your overall destiny. But ultimately, your captain’s terminal illness (something announced at the beginning of each journey) acts as a cap on each of the game’s 20 minute adventures.

There is little exploration involved in Flotilla and it’s more a case of selecting destinations at random. However the space battles offer you the chance for some interesting gameplay, and they are both slick in their presentation and surprisingly challenging. ‘Simultaneous-turn-based-strategy’ essentially consists of you and your opponent issuing orders to your respective fleets and then watching them play out simultaneously during 30 second intervals. However Flotilla has no online multiplayer which is a little disappointing. Space battles can also get slightly bogged down, and you can’t help but miss a ‘save game’ and ‘time compression’ feature. But overall, Flotilla is a well conceived and well executed little title, and one which you won’t regret adding to your collection for £3.41.

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Thanks to Tehjumpingjawa from Hotukdeals.

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bob  May. 13, 2010 at 21:35

BUY IT, great game, i bought it on steam for almost double but i don't care, gotta support indie devs and unique gems like this.

One of the devs has already said they are adding more ships and making adventures more random :D

TehJumpingJawa  May. 17, 2010 at 12:21

Just to clarify, the price of £3.41 is when buying in USD from gamersgate.com and using paypal to do the currency conversion. (rates may have changed since time of publishing)

It's £3.95 if you buy in GBP from gamersgate.co.uk.


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