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Football Manager 2011 | £17.99 | Amazon | PC

Tom Silkstone
Football Manager 2011, Games deals, PC games, Sports Games

Football Manager 2011 | £17.99 | Amazon | PC

  • What: Football Manager 2011
  • Where: Amazon
  • Current Price: £17.99

Whether you're the biggest football fanatic in the world or somebody who can't stand the game, the chances are at some point or another regardless of your enjoyment of the sport, you'll have drifted into the world of the Football Manager games. If you have, then you'll more than likely have had your life completely taken over by at least one of the titles in the series, and your friends may well have witnessed the almost immediate change in you, from somebody with an active social life, to a reclusive hermit who can't tear themselves away from the screen. So, whilst £17.99 is a good price, you'll also have to decide whether or not you can commit a significant portion of your time to the game as well, because you WILL become addicted to it! Thanks to DMcG1873 @ HUKD.

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Richard Walker  Nov. 3, 2010 at 19:13

It's at £24.99?

trashman  Nov. 3, 2010 at 20:00

Where did you get £17.99 from? it's more like £24.99


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