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Football Manager 2012 Unveiled

Felix Kemp
Football Manager 2012, P, Sega, Sports Interactive

Football Manager 2012 Unveiled

Prepare to bid farewell to your job, relationships, social life and, well, pretty much everything else, as Sega and developers Sports Interactive have whisked the covers off another Football Manager game, due this year just before Christmas.

So, what can you expect from the dangerously addictive football management sim? Well, first off, you now have the ability to add loyalty bonuses to players' contracts, and Sports Interactive have overhauled the youth and amateur contracts in general, allowing you to add variables and such to help push the deal through.

Next up, your scouts will be considerably more punctual and precise in their pre-match opponent reports, so you can no longer complain when your finely tuned tactics come to nothing against a ten-man rear-guard defense.

Sports Interactive continue to update their 3D Match Engine, adding all new animations and weather effects, more stadiums and a "whole new crowd system". Furthermore, you can watch the action from two new angles, either Behind Goal or Director Cam.

'We’re delighted to finally be able to start talking about Football Manager 2012' said Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive's head honcho. 'It’s another year of evolution, with some revolution thrown in for good measure so we’re pretty sure our dedicated communities, and hopefully lots of new people too, get to play and enjoy the game when it’s released later in the year.'

You can now add or delete playable nations from your saved game at any time, removing any chance of being stuck with a bunch of countries you've utterly plundered beyond repair. Conversations have taken on a whole new shape, with 'tone' allowing you to dictate how your words are perceived.

An all new layout caters for those with high-resolution screens, filling your display with new filters, customizable columns and tactics. Sports Interactive have also included an optional tutorial to get newcomers up to speed.

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