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Football Manager 2012

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Football Manager 2012
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Football Manager 2012 Review | Seasons in the Abyss

Eustwas R Dewo
Football games, Football Manager 2012, Management sim, PC games, Sega, Simulation games, Sports Interactive
Football Manager 2012 | PC

Football Manager 2012 Review | Seasons in the Abyss

Platform: PC
Developer: Sports Interactive
Publisher: SEGA

It only seems like yesterday people were moaning about the transition from plain text commentary to watching little blobs running around. The complaints were many and varied, and at first there were enough valid reasons for saying the blobs were a little glitchy sometimes, or that some weird things happened.

Then came the full 3D semi-stick figures and a new group of blob activists came to the fore, arguing the exact same things their text brethren had argued years before. And now we’re at the stage where only the stubborn would say the 3D system wasn’t fully established and working pretty well indeed, thanks.

Football Manager 2012 Review | Seasons in the Abyss

Now there are more solid characters out there, doing things that look more real than before. It still has the odd... moment, but generally, year on year, things get better. And FM 2012 is just more of the same as before, and therefore is the gaming equivalent of when you’re so screwed up on drugs, you lose the middle of your nose. Because once you’re hooked, it’s a while before you notice Steam says you’ve sunk 1,000 hours into the game.

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