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The Force is strong with the Star Wars Steam Sale

Jonathan Lester
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The Force is strong with the Star Wars Steam Sale

May The Fourth

This weekend marks the fourth of May, a hallowed day for Star Wars fans, which is typically celebrated by throwing enormous bags of money at Gabe Newell while chanting "backlog! backlog! backlog!" around a pile of unplayed games. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Either way, the Steam sale is happening, including the magnificent Knights Of The Old Republic for £2.47, Dark Forces for £1.18, Battlefront 2 for £2.20 and the mighty Empire At War Gold Pack at a paltry £5.09. Check out all the savings here.

Oh bugger, we missed March of the Si(x)th again. Don't think our alternative Dark Side holiday will ever catch on. Many jaystans died to bring us this information @ HUKD!

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Late  May. 2, 2014 at 12:25

It's about time I checked out this KOTOR everyone seems to keep banging on about.


Will definitely give that a try at some point.


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