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Forget 'live-action Zelda' - these are the Nintendo Netflix series we want!

Jonathan Lester
Ice Climbers, Luigi, Metroid, Metroid Prime Storage Hunters, Netflix, Nintendo, Star Fox

So Nintendo is rumoured to have greenlit a 'live-action Zelda' Netflix series described as "Game Of Thrones for a family audience."

Check the date. It's not April 1st. This might actually be happening.

We'll reserve judgement until we know more, but the fact is that there are any number of classic Nintendo games, franchises and crossover that we'd love to see get the TV treatment ahead of Zelda! Here are just a few pitches in case any A&R guys are online...

Star Fox: Galactica

Forget 'live-action Zelda' - these are the Nintendo Netflix series we want!

After Andross devastates the Lylat system, Admiral Adamole has to lead the last survivors to a new homeworld while beset by dangers without and within. Can he rely on Fox McCloud and his ragtag band of mercenaries to protect them?

Will Peppy do a barrel roll? Will Slippy ever learn even the most basic of evasive manoeuvres before the end of the series? Will Falco's gangster past come back to haunt him?

Will the upcoming Star Fox Wii U game be worthy of the legacy? Gosh, we hope so.

Metroid Prime (Storage) Hunters

Forget 'live-action Zelda' - these are the Nintendo Netflix series we want!

Samus is the galaxy's most feared bounty hunter, capable of breaching into locked facilities and securing dangerous cargo under heavy competition. We saw her do just that in Metroid Prime Hunters... but can she survive Metroid Prime... STORAGE Hunters?!

Now Samus has to battle against fellow Storage Hunters to secure the most valuable locked bounties imaginable, and attempt to decipher the bizarre alien language of the auctioneer into something vaguely resembling English.

Fire Emblem: 'Game Of Thrones For Any Audience'

Forget 'live-action Zelda' - these are the Nintendo Netflix series we want!

When it comes to creating 'game of thrones for a family audience,' surely Fire Emblem is the franchise you need, Nintendo! This magnificent saga of love, war, betrayal, hope and death is full of incredible characters, sweeping battles and heartbreaking moments regardless of which iteration you're playing.

Surely it's Netflix material. Two seasons and a movie!

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Splatoon Saturday Squid Squad... Or (S)Platoon

Forget 'live-action Zelda' - these are the Nintendo Netflix series we want!

There's two ways this could go. Splatoon would be a great fit for a kid's cartoon as the ker-azy characters get into all sorts of paint-related mishaps while teaching valuable life lessons such as why graffiti is fun and you should spray paint on everything you see.

Wait, no. Not that. The opposite of that.

Mind you, seeing as Splatoon is already a play on words, how about a dark and introspective short as a group of hardbitten squid swim up river to investigate reports that Colonel Squirtz has gone insane. Gritty, hard-edged stuff... okay, I admit that's actually Apocalypse Now, but the Colonel Squirtz pun was too good to waste.

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Ice Climbers: Touching The Void

Forget 'live-action Zelda' - these are the Nintendo Netflix series we want!

Netflix already has plenty of inspirational documentaries, so what about the thrilling tale of two youngsters who faced the bitter cold, frostbite, yawning chasms and stolen vegetables of the world's highest slopes? Surely there's a wealth of potential here.

Picture credit: RETROn00b.

Luigi: An Underdog Story

Forget 'live-action Zelda' - these are the Nintendo Netflix series we want!

What's it like to play second fiddle to an older brother flushed with fame and riches? What's it like to always finish second, even when you win?

It's about time that Luigi got his own show. Perhaps something like Entourage.

Or Drive. Hell, he's already got the death stare and is handy with a hammer.

Donkey Kong Countryfile

Forget 'live-action Zelda' - these are the Nintendo Netflix series we want!

Starring John Craven... and guest starring Bill Oddie as himself.

There Will Be Brawl!

Come on Nintendo. There Will Be Brawl already exists and it's already brilliant - surely we deserve a big-budget, full-on Netflix adaptation!

Do you have any pitch ideas? Let us know in the comments!

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CarlPhillips  Feb. 9, 2015 at 14:08

I'd watch the hell out of Fire Emblem Anything.

As for my suggestion of a Nintendo TV mash-up, I say they go all the way and commission the following illustration...


Late  Feb. 9, 2015 at 14:19

Kirby v. Food is probably too easy.

With Samus usually wearing orange, we could possibly suggest her being in Orange Is The New Black. But I think most folk would see through that ruse and instantly know what we're hoping for.
Meh - you don't ask, you don't get. Netflix execs, if you're reading this (I'm pretty sure they will be) - I won't charge you for that idea. That's right - I'm not asking for remuneration.
Just let me direct an episode and we're golden.

Damnit, Carl got in there with a kirby idea while I was making my post ;)
(The reason it took over quarter of an hour for me to post, and therefore not see Carl's post is I was mocking up a KvF image but ended up binning it. It was weak. In comparison to the outstanding efforts above... Yeah, that weak! :p )

No, before you ask, I didn't even attempt to make the Samus/OITNB picture. X)

Last edited by Late, Feb. 9, 2015 at 14:24

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