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Fortix | £0.65 | Gamersgate | PC

Jonathan Lester
Casual Games, Fortix, Nemesys Games, PC games
Fortix | PC

  • What: Fortix
  • Where: Gamersgate
  • Current Price: £0.65

At first glance, Fortix may appear to be a fantasy strategy game... but in an interesting twist, it actually draws upon the classic line-drawing Qix and tower defence games for inspiration. You'll need to segregate and claim areas of land using your cursor in a fast and frantic bid for expansion, all while deploying turrets and cannons. It's fun, engaging and unique... and now very cheap.

To celebrate Fortix finally making its way to their distribution service, Gamersgate has slashed their price down to 65 pence. This is about £2.50 cheaper than anywhere else, and a bit of a bargain to boot.