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FortressCraft Now 2nd Highest Seller On Xbox Live!

Jonathan Lester
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Xbox 360

Xbox Live Indie Hit Outselling Pretty Much Everything Else

FortressCraft Now 2nd Highest Seller On Xbox Live!

Whoa. We told you this was going to be huge.

Our full review of emergent (not to mention controversial) Xbox Live indie phenomenon FortressCraft will be going live this lunchtime... but by the looks of things, gamers are already flocking to the "Minecraft On Consoles" experience in droves. It's now skyrocketed up the best-selling lists to take second place... overall. That's right, folks: it's not just the best selling Indie Game, but the 2nd biggest seller on the whole of Xbox Live! It's outselling every XBLA title, game on demand and piece of DLC except FIFA 11.

Seeing an Xbox Live Indie title kicking ass on the bestselling lists is a fantastic precedent that will hopefully raise awareness of the whole scene.

To find out why... and why you should jump on the bandwagon yourself... I'd suggest hitting our hard-hitting interviews with ProjectorGames.

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MrRobin  Apr. 11, 2011 at 12:20

I've got this GREAT idea for an indie game... basically you go around these rooms carrying a kind of gun or torch which has two settings. One setting will fire out a green light and the other setting will fire out a yellow light. Once you have them both set up you can walk through one of the lights and you will exit at the position of the other!! You then solve puzzes using this technique. Original idea or what?! I'll make millions!

Anonymous  Apr. 11, 2011 at 17:29

There is no such thing as original in the video game industry. Minecraft took from Infiniminer, and FortressCraft took from both.

Borrowing ideas from other games is the other thing that is keeping the video game industry going, as new ideas are rare and even then there is only a small chance of success.


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