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FortressCraft Sets The Xbox Live Indie Scene Alight!

Jonathan Lester
FortressCraft, Minecraft, ProjectorGames, Xbox 360 games, Xbox Live Indie Games
Xbox 360

We exclusively revealed FortressCraft, an Xbox Live Indie homage to Minecraft's Creation Mode, back in late January (we were there first, for the record)- and now we're delighted to report that ProjectorGames' brave project is now one of the most anticipated and publicised titles to have ever been slated for the service. A new release date has been announced, and we'll have an interview with the team shortly.

Project Lead DjArcas confirmed a release date of March 4th, after the project was pushed back due to rampant connection issues related to the previous version of Microsoft's game creation tools. Barring technical issues (of which we hear there are a few), they're on course to deliver using version XNA 4.0.

Just in case you don't already know,  FortressCraft is set to provide a heady mix of MineCraft's creation mode and cult classic Dwarf Fortress; all draped in cutting edge graphical prowess. 32-player P2P multiplayer should help to make it a serious contender. FortressCraft is shaping up nicely, and you can read more at the official site or our original reveal.

Stay tuned for our interview with DjArcas over the next couple of days.

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