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FortressCraft Will Support Machinima, 128 Simultaneous Players

Jonathan Lester
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"Like Playstation Home, But With Something To Do"

FortressCraft Will Support Machinima, 128 Simultaneous Players

In today's FortressCraft interview, project lead DJArcas has confirmed a few new details about the emergent Indie smash hit. Far from just being a lazy clone of Mojang's Minecraft, FortressCraft will support a host of features that'll break new ground for Xbox Live Indie games. Machinima feature films? Cooperative collaboration with over 100 players on a single server?! We have the full details below.

You can read up on the full details about what FortressCraft has to offer in our recent interview and on the official site, but the developers essentially describe it as the "MineCraft classic experience" that focuses on building enormous structures and cooperating with other players. In the words of project lead DJArcas: "It's a bit like Playstation Home, but with something to do."

So far so good, but some new details have slipped out. Apparently the integrated avatar support will allow players to use the engine to create epic feature films, using their own avatars and costumes and characters. Naturally, the bevy of design tools will allow massive sprawling sets to be designed, lit and directed.

People can use the engine to create a machinima- and can build the sets, change their avatars to zombies and soldiers and film it in the game. Hopefully people can do some amazing short films, that would be brilliant.

This functionality will be enabled by the unprecedented number of simultaneous players that can interact in a single session. Whilst two players will provide the "perfect" amount of interaction, fast internet will allow 32 Xbox 360s to connect to a single server... with four players on each. That's 128 players total.

I personally recommend two players as being the perfect number, but if you've got monstrously fast internet then go for thirty players! The game will cap out at 128: four on each Xbox.

...it might not work, but I'm not going to make that decision for people. I'll let you choose. If you write netcode for 11 players, you can bet that 12 people will want to play. If it goes wrong, I can't do much about it, but I really don't want to limit people.

FortressCraft has been specifically designed for building a strong online community - and their feedback will dictate the content of future episodes. The state of the multiplayer is currently in discussion on the official forums, where users can vote for the functionality they'd like to see.

Here's hoping that Indie veterans and newcomers alike will give FortressCraft a chance, and not let the huge amount of controversy and angst distract them from its potential. We'll keep you updated by the wire - and stay tuned for the second part of our interview this afternoon!

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