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Forza 3 £14.99 @ Game [Xbox 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Forza 3 £14.99 @ Game [Xbox 360 Games] Whether you hate cars, and go all mute when your friends start banging on about dump-valves and horse-power, or are one of those boy-racer nutters who never tires of Top Gear no matter how many times it gets repeated on Dave, it’s impossible not to be excited by Forza Motorsport 3. And now, as part of a Monday Madness deal which is already attracting some insane levels of heat over on HUKD, you can get hold of a copy for just £14.99 from Game. According to price comparison, the next best deal comes in at £17.93 from The Hut.

Unlike Forza 2 with its punishing level of difficulty, Forza 3 attempts to open things up a bit for the uninitiated, and provide a less elitist, more accessible and user friendly experience for gamers  just looking to give it a try. Developers Turn10 seem to have cottoned onto the fact that being continually thrashed was turning many people away from the Forza franchise, and have implemented a system which succeeds in catering to the player’s individual needs. But while it's possible for gamers like me to be a winner every time by bombing round the track with every assist setting turned up, the game still provides plenty of depth for the hardcore veteran.

Players who go in for a more authentic experience by turning off the auto-brake system for example, can enjoy a further 10% on top of their winnings, while adding tire wear, fuel consumption and simulation damage will see your bank balance soar. Overall, this means that Forza pros and anyone new to the franchise can compete together and enjoy the outstanding racing experience and share in all those ‘DID YOU SEE THAT!’ moments.

Getting the right balance of assist settings can be slightly awkward however, indeed with these turned off completely it can be a real shock to your ego. Playing against the computer can also be a bit inconsistent, as despite being superb most of the time, the AI can occasionally do a Tiger Woods and crash into scenery for no apparent reason. But for anyone who is really into their racers, Forza 3 is a must buy and – if it ever emerges from development - a title which Gran Turismo 5 will surely struggle to surpass.

Thanks to UN4208 from Hotukdeals.

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